welcome to omnigo

Omnigo specializes in proprietary algorithmic trading. We are also a software provider serving financial institutions, UHNW individuals and token issuers.

Cryptocurrencies are changing the way we deal with money. Since 2017, we’ve been striving to bring a new level of professionalism and integrity to the crypto asset industry.

Market Making

Our software

  • improves liquidity depth in order books
  • lowers the spread between bid and ask
  • arbitrates between pairs and exchanges
  • supports price and stability
  • manages two or more pairs simultaneously
Buying and selling of illiquid assets

Our software constantly places small orders among various exchanges to optimally use the available liquidity without affecting market prices or creating buy or sell walls.
With our software you can sell altcoins faster and at a better price than a trader can ever do.

Backend Software Engineer
We are looking for a full-time backend software engineer with an interest in finance and a minimum of two years professional working experience.

You will be based in the United Arab Emirates. Nevertheless, our team is distributed around the world and we offer highly flexible working times. This flexibility is possible thanks to the individual responsibility and communication skills of our team members; we would expect the same from you.
We are aware that the people we work with have the biggest impact on the work environment and that mistakes need to be made in order to learn. That's why we think friendliness, tolerance and humility are must-haves for all our team members.

Open Source
We make extensive use of open-source software like Python and Pandas, and we are also keen contributors to the open-source community: btrccts